Sun, Sand, Sea and Psoriasis

18/06/2016 - By Dr. Catherine O'Leary

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Beach weather can be very stressful for people with psoriasis. Whilst most people are thinking about sand castles and seashells, we are thinking about skin, skin, skin.

Our options for the beach are:

  • Stay away

  • Go but cover up

  • Brave it in beach attire

Neither option is the right one and I have done all three at various times in my life. Here are my beach tips whether you decide to cover up or strip off.

  1. Pick the right swimsuit. In my time I have worn long surf shorts with a tankini top and I also own a stylish modestkini (yes that is a thing!). I wear a wetsuit to swim in the sea which is quite sensible on the Welsh coast even when your skin is perfectly perfect.

  2. Wear sunscreen. Whilst the UVB rays can be helpful, burning never is.

  3. Try waterproof camouflage make-up. I spent a wonderful afternoon with a Red Cross camouflage make-up consultant and I came away with a prescription for my exact skin colour. (The service is now provided by I urge you to book yourself in and see what a good concealer can do.)

  4. Use a few windbreaks. It will give you privacy, as well as keep the sea breeze from chilling you.

  5. Let your children/partner/beach buddy bury your legs in the sand. Cover your plaques, exfoliate and keep them entertained at the same time.

  6. Be prepared for comments and questions so it doesn’t ruin your day if someone asks about your skin.

  7. Identify your thoughts that are making you feel anxious. Try some to challenge them.